As good as the 75 team was, no one could have predicted the success that would follow the individual players that made up this great team as they moved through their careers as professionals in the CFL. In all, 22 Gee Gees from the 1975 Vanier Cup Championship team would go on to be drafted into the Canadian Football League, a CIS record. 

This CIS record is even more remarkable considering that an additional 10 Americans from the 1975 team were not eligible for the CFL Draft. Those American players were Tim Leach, Pat Leach, Steve Carlo, Peter Hazzan, Ken Guarisco, Brian Keating, Jim Colton, David “DT” White, Sam Miller and Paul Britzky. All but 3 of these Gee Gees would be selected as CIS All-Canadians and OUAA All-Stars multiple times during their CIS careers.

Players drafted from the 1975 Vanier Cup Championship team appeared in 23 Grey Cup games and went on to collect a total of 12 Grey Cup Rings. Collectively they played in the CFL for 91 years.




Neil Lumsden- 1rst Round (Territorial Protection) Toronto Argonauts
Jeff Avery- 1rst Round (Territorial Protection) Ottawa Rough Riders
Bill Harrison- 1rst Round (Territorial Protection) Hamilton Tiger Cats
Allan Moffat- 1rst Round, Edmonton Eskimos
Tim Berryman- 1rst Round, Edmonton Eskimos
Ian Mac Pherson- 1rst Round, Edmonton Eskimos
Eric Upton- 2nd Round, Edmonton Eskimos
Terry West- 4th Round, Saskatchewan Roughriders
Doug Falconer- 6th Round, Toronto Argonauts


Mike Murphy- 1rst Round (Territorial Protection) Ottawa Rough Riders
Cam Thompson- 4th Round, Calgary Stampeders
Hugh Fraser- 6th Round, Toronto Argonauts
Dan Sartor- 6th Round, Ottawa Rough Riders
Vince Zvonkin- 9th Round, Calgary Stampeders


Miles Gorrell- 1rst Round (Territorial Protection) Calgary Stampeders
Rocky Dipietro- 1srt Round (Territorial Protection) Hamilton tiger Cats
Julian Hanlon- 4th Round, Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Sandy Grey- 4th Round, Montreal Alouettes
Yves Le Clerc- 6th Round, Yves Le Clerc, Hamilton Tiger Cats
Clarence Coleman- 7th Round, Montreal Alouettes
Dan Medwin- 8th Round, Hamilton Tiger Cats

Yves LeClerc
Yves LeClerc
Draft aside, perhaps the most astonishing individual achievement of all is that when All-Star quarterback Jim Colton was injured during the Vanier Cup game the Gee Gees were lead to victory by back up quarterback Yves Leclerc. Besides being a gifted athlete, Yves was also a gifted student. Yves was 16 years old at the time! In 1978 Yves was presented with the Governor General's Academic Achievement Award at the University of Ottawa. This prestigious award goes to the top student studying at each University in Canada. 40,000 students at the University of Ottawa were eligible. Yves majored in Engineering.