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Profile picture Doug Falconer
Carlo/Mineault Get Togther
Hey Guys. When and Where? Why not first regular home game in September so I can kill 2 birds!
Profile picture steve carlo Re: Carlo/Mineault Get Togther
Dougie , homecoming isn't till the end of September, a number of the guys had indicated a desire to get together this summer and play some golf. Anyone who would like to play, have a couple of beers with old friends, and check out the latest edition of our team let us know here on the message board or let me or Connie know. Thanks Steve. So we are looking at the 24"th of august an exhibition game against Bishops Gaiters. Connie will set up the golf foursomes at Dome Hill for the morning, we'll get together near Landsdowne for a bite of lunch and head to the game. details avilable as soon as I can pry the info on the game out of sport sevices.